Лапоть (lapot) wrote,

Я крайне редко участвую во флешмобах.

О политкорректности: это город Лондон, Великобритания. Под кат убирать не буду.

Фотографии стянул у poluzhivago отсюда http://poluzhivago.livejournal.com/675524.html

А это из статьи в The Daily Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2006/02/03/dl0301.xml&sSheet=/news/2006/02/03/ixnewstop.html

Why we will defend the right to offend

(последние 2 абзаца)

The right to offend within the law remains crucial to our free speech. Muslims who choose to live in the West must accept that we, too, have a right to our values, and to live according to them. Muslims must accept the predominant mores of their adopted culture: and most do. One of these is the lack of censorship and the ready availability of material that some people find deeply offensive: anyone who wishes to see the cartoons can find them within a few clicks on the internet.

Those Muslims who cannot tolerate the openness and robustness of intellectual debate in the West have perhaps chosen to live in the wrong culture. We cannot put it better than the editorial in an Arab paper in which the cartoons briefly appeared yesterday (before all copies were suddenly withdrawn): "Muslims of the world, be reasonable."

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