Лапоть (lapot) wrote,

Хоть рубрику заводи "письма из Америки"

Но тут я хоть сам наследил пол-года назад

Кто ещё помнит историю об аресте двух полицейских офицеров в Атланте летом, прокурор пообщал им обвинение в убийстве первой степени  - пристрелили мужика (чёрного, понятно) с криминальным рекордом, при попытке проверить документы он выхватил у полицейского тайзер, пару раз из него "выстрелил" по офицерам и пытался с этим тайзером в руках убежать? а толпа по мотивам "расизма" и пр. пожгла и пограбила, до чего дотянулась - причём с жертвами.
Это репортаж того времени сочувствующей прессы с интервью безутешной вдовы  Rayshard Brooks: Accused officer bailed despite widow's plea - BBC News (чтоб напомнить о чём речь просто)

А это сообщение о ситуации на сегодня - в письме, как понятно из заголовка :))


It appears that the case of Atlanta Police Officers' Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan will finally proceed with the level of fairness that it should've received from that fateful night in June of 2020 when Rayshard Brooks was tragically killed while fleeing police.

Rayshard Brooks was being questioned under suspicion of DUI when he unexpectedly attacked Officers' Rolfe and Brosnan knocking them both to the ground. While fighting both officers he was able to steal a Taser from Officer Brosnan and fire that Taser at the officers not once, but twice, causing Officer Rolfe to return fire in defense of his life and others after Mr. Brooks used a deadly weapon against him and his partner.

The now ex-District Attorney Paul Howard was under extreme political pressure as he was currently under investigation for embezzlement himself, and he created a media fire storm by utilizing press conferences in an unprecedented way while attempting to politicize the event and gain an advantage in the upcoming election. This led to weeks of dangerous, violent, and deadly riots that led to multiple deaths in the City of Atlanta; including that of an 8 year old little girl named Secoriea Turner.

The current District Attorney Fani Willis, who beat Paul Howard in the election, has now referred this case over to the State's Attorney General's Office. We believe that this was the appropriate decision as her Office inherited an extremely flawed case from the Ex-District Attorney Paul Howard. In a statement to the Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, DA Willis stated "My predecessor obtained arrest warrants against the following defendants for incidents that occurred during the campaign. I believe his conduct, including using video evidence in campaign television advertisements, may have violated Georgia Bar Rule 3.8(g). In addition, as you are aware, my predecessor's conduct also prompted a referral to the GBI for criminal investigation by you his issuance of Grand Jury subpeonas at a time when No Fulton County Grand Jury was empaneled." She continued by saying she believes Howard's actions "create sufficient question of the appropriateness of this Office continuing to handle the investigation and possible prosecution of these cases" and "that the public interest is best served by disqualifying the Office and referring the matter to a specially appointed prosecutor."

Willis, who soundly defeated Howard in last year's Democratic run-off, said she had been leaning towards this decision ever since reading a defense motion calling on the former DA to recuse himself.

"Sometimes as a lawyer you'll be in a trial and you get a gut punch when you know the other side has got you," Willis told the AJC on Thursday. "And this was one of those times."

И дальше благодарности поучаствовашим и призывы продолжать помогать блабла.


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